Thanks for stopping by my website. I am absolutely honored to begin serving you as your member of the South-Western City Schools Board of Education on January 1, 2018! 

Our first school board meeting of 2018, including the swearing-in of new members and organization of the leadership, will occur on Monday, January 8 at 6:30pm. The School District's Service Center (DSC) is located at 3805 Marlane Dr., Grove City, OH 43123. Meetings are open to the public - the full schedule is visible by clicking here.

One other item I'd like you to be aware of as I begin is "Take Part Thursdays." Click on this link to learn more about this initiative I created, and let me know your thoughts at any time.

I am so excited for this journey! Connect with me here or using the social media buttons below, and let's build a future that is #SouthWesternStrong. Thanks!


David Donofrio