First Board Meeting!

On January 8th, in front of family, friends and neighbors, I was sworn into office by the President of the Franklin County Commissioners, my dear friend Kevin Boyce. Commissioner Boyce and I met some 15 years ago, when he was on the Columbus City Council, and I was a teenager in high school joining a new organization he founded, the Columbus Youth Commission. This group was created to advise the Mayor and City Council on youth issues, and I was proud to be one of the founding members for its first 3 years, until I went to college.

In this first meeting, we had an annual approval of the District's budget, followed by the election of Lee Schreiner as President, and Mindy Garverick as Vice President (which I was excited to make as my first official motion). In the formal meeting, of note was the approval of a construction manager for a new pre-K through 4th grade building adjacent to Bolton Crossing Elementary. The funds for this addition are covered by savings during construction of the buildings in the last bond issue voters approved.

I'm very excited to begin serving you. Please reach out to me at any time with your questions or concerns, and I'll do my best to assist you.