Summer Vacation 2018

After graduation, the work of the Board continues! During this time is when we pass many of our operating budget items for the fiscal year. Our late June meeting is actually held in the morning instead of our normal evening time, to allow the Administration to submit everything they need during the work day for the budget.

In our July 9 meeting, I was very happy that we unanimously voted to place a "no new millage" bond issue on the November ballot! This, 1.86-mill bond issue, essentially gives the district the legal authority to maintain its current collection rate - but for a new project. This can be done as the result of the retirement of expiring bond debt. You'll remember in 2012 a bond issue provided new elementary buildings and a new Franklin Heights High School. This issue, dubbed "Segment 2" of an anticipated 3 segment program, will construct 4 new middle school buildings - brand-new Brookpark, Finland, Norton and Pleasant View Middle Schools - as well as renovations of East Franklin Elementary and Jackson Middle School. The issue also will include some funds for infrastructure improvements such as paving. It's important that we continue moving our District forward by supporting this issue, and I hope to work very hard on the issue's behalf with the Citizens for SWCS group to ensure its passage this fall.

It is also my birthday week, and I was excited to do a couple of things for our District. Last night we held my first-ever "Backpack Birthday BBQ," where people brought new school supplies for the upcoming year! I consulted with the Council of PTA's as well as the District Administration to ensure that we highlighted the most-needed items for students in our area. The items will be dropped off to the District Service Center for distribution to schools with the most need. I'm already hearing from residents ways that we can expand this program in the future, so stay tuned!

Some of the donated items from the first-ever Backpack Birthday BBQ!

Some of the donated items from the first-ever Backpack Birthday BBQ!

Also, for my birthday, I am accepting donations to the Success Beyond the Classroom Foundation on Facebook. As you know, I am passionate about working to end "pay to participate" fees in the District, and this is my goal. In the meantime, this Foundation exists to provide scholarships to students who wish to participate in athletics, marching band or a club, but just need a few more dollars to make that happen. Please consider contributing to Success Beyond the Classroom as my birthday gift this year:

Have a great rest of your summer!