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New Leadership for Prairie Township
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David Donofrio
Friends, we have the results in the Prairie Township Trustee race per the picture below. We ended up 39 votes short against our 12-year incumbent, Doug Stormont. Tonight I will be writing Mr. Stormont and Mr. McKay, thanking them for the race, and giving them my best.
While this is not the result our team had hoped for, we accomplished something huge. We won all of the precincts in my home of Lincoln Village, and in West Point, and did very well in Lake Darby Estates and other parts of Galloway. We won the absentee vote decisively as well. And 1,277 neighbors believed that we were their best choice to represent them as trustee. I am blown away and humbled by these results - and incredibly thankful.
Thank you to our team, and all of our neighborhood volunteers, without whom this could have never happened.
As for next steps, my family and I are going to enjoy Thanksgiving, I will finish decorating my home for the holidays, and then I will get to work for the people of Prairie Township yet again. Formal job title or not, there are many concerns that our residents need to see addressed, and I promise to work through multiple channels to serve our neighborhoods. I love Prairie Township, and we are not going anywhere. In fact, we are just getting started!
Thanks to all again for your love, well-wishes, support and votes. We made a major statement - and will continue the fight in 2016 and beyond!
In sincere gratitude, yours in service,
David Donofrio (Click the picture below to expand)