The World is Changing. We Need to Keep Up.
David Donofrio works as a Senior Account Coordinator for a national staffing
company. On a daily basis, he interacts with Fortune 500 companies, in central
Ohio and across the country, and sees what jobs are being created.

David knows that certain jobs, industries or entire companies are closed from
people's reach based on their level of educational attainment, or where they
graduated. That's why David is running for South-Western City
School Board.

David is a lifelong resident of western Franklin County, and a proud product of
central Ohio public schools. He counts his eighth grade government teacher as
the person that opened his eyes to public service, by first encouraging him to
open a newspaper, and become aware of the world around him. Many students
in South-Western similarly credit their teachers with setting them on the course
for their lives.

David is a proud resident of Lincoln Village in Prairie Township, and serves on
his community's residents association, block watch and a host of other local
groups. He is a believer that our school board needs balance in terms of age and geography, to ensure that all parts of the district are better represented. From Grove City and Central Crossing to Westland and Franklin Heights, David wants to treat every corner of the community, every school and every child equally.

South-Western City Schools have been turning the corner in a positive direction - but there is so much more to do. We are now the 5th largest district in Ohio, with well over 20,000 students. David's 6 years of experience serving on the Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District, including as treasurer of a multi-million dollar budget, gives David the financial expertise to manage your tax dollars well, and to ensure we are investing as needed in a fiscally prudent way.

David truly loves this community. It is where he got engaged, bought his first home, and where he wants his future children to grow up. He believes in the long-game of a changing world, and as Franklin County is on track to add over half a million more residents, many of these families will locate in our district. How we plan for 5, 10, 20 years down the line is important to David because it is our community's collective future.

Our schools and our communities are intrinsically tied. Make one of your votes for the future - for David Donofrio.