Paid for by David Donofrio for Ohio, Ryan Ladina, Treasurer
Dedicated Leadership for Prairie Township
"Dedicated Leadership for Prairie Township Matters. It is important to elect leaders who are interested in serving our people, not their personal interests. I love Prairie Township, and would be humbled to have your vote on March 15!" - David Donofrio

David Donofrio
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I am sincerely humbled by your confidence in me. I want to thank my opponent, Melanie Thompson, for a clean campaign - I hope to work together with her to improve our community. I also want to thank all of the people who contributed any measure of time, talent and/or treasure to making this happen. Campaigns are the result of many people over many months working hard to make a difference.

There is much to work on in Prairie Township, but our heart and our people are the best in Ohio. I will work hard to improve our area, and represent your voice to Franklin County. THANK YOU!