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ABOUT David Donofrio

David Donofrio was elected to the South-Western City Schools' Board of Education in November 2017, and took office in January 2018. He reports on the Facilities Development and Students/School/Community Items for Action for the Board.

Professionally, David works for the Prairie Township Fire Department. His background of service spans years of experience in the public and private sectors, particularly in the area of job creation. David knows that certain jobs, companies or entire industries are closed from people's reach based on their level of educational attainment, or where they graduated. Career and real-world skill development is one of David's key priorities for the District.

David was born and raised in western Franklin County, and is a proud product of central Ohio public schools. He is a resident of Lincoln Village in Prairie Township, and serves on his community's residents association, block watch and a host of other local groups. With his election, the Westland attendance area now has a resident on the Board - and all four high schools have at least 1 school board member serving today.

Please contact David via phone, letter, email or social media - his contact information is all listed here. He would be happy to set up a one-on-one meeting with you, or your community group or organization, at a time of your convenience. Additionally, click "Take Part Thursdays" in the menu of this website to find out about David's kept promise to visit one community a week for as long as he serves. 



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Take Part Thursdays


Take Part Thursdays are David's promise to engage with residents at least 1 evening a week, for as long as he serves on the Board of Education. Because our schools and our communities are intrinsically tied, he picks one street at random and asks residents what their concerns, perspectives or ideas are pertaining to the School District. You can see some of the feedback in David's online blog, "On School Board," on this website. This blog will also inform you about what's going on in School Board meetings, in our schools, and the community.

I'd love to meet with you or your organization at any time as well. Request a meeting by listing your name, email and location below, and I will respond to set it up as quickly as possible. Thanks!

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Keeping our schools strong for our kids is David's #1 priority. We hope that by giving today, you can be a part of continuing this #SouthWesternStrong tradition, and keeping our listening school board member serving you. Contributions are not just for a campaign - they go toward his community outreach efforts including Take Part Thursdays, so that none of these come at taxpayers' expense. We hope you will give today! Thank you!

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